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Fresh Code

Fresh Code

“Fresh code” is a new interior collection for the bath-rooms and -houses.

“Fresh code” goods represent:
  • interesting design
  • presentable packing
  • excellent quality
Each of us spends in the bathroom quite a lot of time every single day, and we want it to really be a room. “Fresh code” goods will allow to turn the bathroom into a special nook of the house where it will be possible to spend the time with pleasure. With these attractive designs and unusual color combinations any dreams will be implemented in reality, and the bathroom will definitely become merry and cozy. Every customer will find something original right for himself.
  • The goods of that brand are:
  • Shower curtains
  • Bath rugs (acryl and microfibre rugs)
Next products are scheduled to be produced:
  • Body bast whisps
  • Bath accessories
  • Bath organizers

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