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Brand “HomeQueen” was established in 2005. Nowadays it represents the most popular goods of daily demands: for tidying up, kitchen accessories, dishes, wrapping, household items, goods for bath-rooms and bath-houses, for caring of clothes and a wide range of household textiles.

“HomeQueen” goods are
  • Permanent assortment, popular kinds
  • Low price in the presence of good quality
  • Presentable packing

“HomeQueen” textile

The brand is intended for the customers, who pay attention to the interior of their house, who want to beautify it and make cozier. That brand’s buyers follow the news and tendencies of the market, love good-looking modern things, but at the same time they rationally deal with their budget. That brand is also assigned for the people, who choose pretty practical stuff as a gift for their closest friends and relatives.

Household textile “HomeQueen” is
  • Beautiful, up-to-date and high-quality interior textile at a reasonable price: coverlets, plaids, curtains, decorative cushions
  • Practical accessories for the home and summer cottage: oven gloves, towels, table-cloths
  • Nice-looking things, perfect gifts for yourself and people who are close to you: antistress pillow, toys with plaids, door-stop toys, decorative pillow-toys
  • Festive textile: plaids, pillows, table-cloths, kitchen accessories
Advantages and peculiarities
  • Wide range of goods
  • Relevant modern designs
  • Reasonable price
  • Interesting original concepts
  • Regular assortment renewal

Kitchen goods

  • Designing of a kitchen and interior (table-cloths, serving napkins, thermo-napkins, trays)
  • Kitchen-ware (cutting boards, graters, net splitter, kitchen accessories, ice forms, candles, hard threads)
  • Keeping and storage (jars and glass bottles, shtof-bottles, storage stickers, funnels)
  • Shopping-bags
  • Gift mugs

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Подушка д/ванны на присосках "FLEXY", ПВХ/24/8
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